Traveler's Guide

Price: $30.00
Publisher Location: Leipzig and New York
Publisher: Knauth, Nachod & Kuhne
Year Published: 1906
Book Condition: Very Good
Dust Jacket Condition: Very Good
Binding: Soft cover
Edition: First Edition
A rare guide book published by a German bank to advertise its letter of credit and traveler check services for the American tourist in Europe (and Egypt). No date, but a large folding, color map by Rand McNally in the rear is dated 1906. Multiple cities are listed with one word names for the sights to be seen. A three page guide to train travel includes the tip that foot warmers are available on some trains at the traveler's expense. Europe is quite different, with no Poland or Finland. Turkey is north of Greece and south of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. No other copies on the internet at this writing. i
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